Little Crab Renovations – 25 Years of Excellence

Little Crab Renovations was Founded by Peter Wallace and has been renovating homes and businesses in London and around the UK since 1993. Today in 2018 Peter’s son Ryan leads to company. Ryan took over in 2008 when Peter retired to the country side of Bristol. As of 2018 we have moved our headquarters to Swindon. Due to the nature of out business and how much work comes in from Swindon and Wiltshire the choice was very logical.


For 25 years we have been building and renovating. We offer a very personalise bespoke solution. We are not an ‘out of the box’ company by any means.


You new home or renovation is going to be something you will live in daily. Or work in daily for a business renovations. This is why we offer bespoke services and why we are always reachable day or night to give you updates and answer any questions you might have. We provide this experience for you to set ourselves apart from other home builders or renovation companies.


We like to treat you home or business premises just like our own. Our clients consistently tell us how stress free their experience was in comparison to the stories they have heard about using other companies.


If you are looking to speak with us about your new home or renovation. Then please call us on 020 8208 2297 (or use this form) so we start to discuss your stress free and personalised project.